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An overview of our tradition, our current company and our long-term strategy.



The company was founded in 1951 by Josef and Cäcilia Büchl, the grandparents of the current generation of entrepreneurs. The pioneering work of the founding couple cannot be recognized highly enough, as it was decisive for the successful development into today’s group of companies.

The company has always been committed to sustainable development – with new ideas and technical innovations for recycling and waste disposal as well as a strong social commitment. This mission is anchored in the core of the corporate philosophy, which has been developed and supported by three generations

Büchl success story

The company history



These values have been important to us since our foundation, as they are today and will continue to be in our day-to-day work.

Tradition-conscious and familiar

We know our roots and stick together. As a regional family business, we are aware of the importance of a strong region. We cultivate relationships with regional partners. Our employees should see themselves as part of the BÜCHL family. This also includes addressing things openly and looking for solutions together. We are constantly evolving without forgetting who we are and where we come from.

Competent and innovative

We know what we are doing and how we can solve the tasks. For us, being innovative means recognizing the requirements of the future, identifying the necessary
solutions and courageously put them into practice. Competence means solving set tasks sustainably through future-oriented thinking and a high-performance organization. A "we've always done it this way" only comes into question if the "always done it this way" is also top. We promote and utilize the diverse skills and professional expertise of our employees. We rely on good relationships with research institutions and regional universities to provide us with impetus.

Powerful and reliable

You can rely on BÜCHL. High performance is a combination of motivated, experienced and thoughtful employees as well as the right procurement, optimum operation and careful use of technology. We prove our performance to our customers every day. Quality awareness is paramount in everything we do. Our customers and business partners can rely on this.

Courageous and future-oriented

We see the challenges as an opportunity. Problems are there to be solved. We are always at the cutting edge and boldly break new ground. We are looking beyond the horizon and optimistically into the future, to which we are making our contribution in order to make it more sustainable.

Responsible and fair

We are aware of our responsibility and accept it. As a medium-sized family business, we can only be successful if our employees enjoy working "at BÜCHL". We therefore take care of our employees. We have been working with our customers for
and trusting partnerships.
We are characterized by our strong social commitment. As an environmental service provider, we also have a special ecological responsibility.

Today's company

The Büchl Group

BÜCHL is a high-performance medium-sized group of companies with more than 500 employees at more than 10 locations. The Group’s services are divided into 3 business areas: recycling and waste disposal (1), research, planning and consulting (2) and renewable energy generation (3). The Waste Management and Recycling division, with BÜCHL Entsorgungswirtschaft and BÜCHL Hungaria, is the core of the Group.

One idea ahead

Our owners Reinhard and Iris Büchl

Vision & Mission

Our strategy

We combine economy and ecology – as stated in our corporate principles. That is why sustainability and innovation also belong together. Economic success is important. But the point is that our solutions contribute to a sustainable circular economy.

Our vision: BÜCHL is the strongest regional service provider for sustainable waste and resource management and a leading global specialist for innovative waste disposal logistics.

Our mission: solutions for a sustainable circular economy.

Corporate structure

Our companies and business fields




Principles, guidelines and certificates



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